We help businesses effectively promote their products and services around the globe!
We create opportunities for sustainable development and growth by fulfilling stated objectives.

We develop our own digital products and unique solutions. We are committed to mobile app development and lead generation for mobile, goods, and game offers. Also, we have agencies such as app publishing, marketing, and an international affiliate program.

Our Mission
To be the reliable bridge between talented people and successful products
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Marketing Group
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Doubling in size over the past year, today, our team consists of more than 500 people and extends worldwide. Whether working remotely or in an office, there is a possibility for smooth career growth both - vertically and horizontally. We don't have strict regulations and provide complete freedom to our employees, as we believe that the result is more important than the process. And there are more to come, we have ambitious development plans, and we are currently looking for talented people!

Leadrock is a global affiliate program that works on the CPA model with international traffic
Adsbalance is a market-leading performance marketing agency that works with customers all over the world
Absolut - is a commodity marketing organization that works based on Cash on Delivery (COD) with its own logistics and call centers worldwide. The company operates in more than 12 countries across Europe, Africa, and Latin America
Rolling apps
Rollingapps is a mobile app development company that offers services throughout the entire product development life cycle
Playcore is a mobile app publishing company that specializes in game applications
About Fmedia in numbers
countries involved in commodity trading
talented employees
orders per month
30+ KK.
million global users every month
Workmates with whom it is a pleasure not only to work with but also to take a break.

Why work with us?
For over five years now, we've been creating popular products and providing Performance marketing solutions worldwide. During this time, we have launched more than hundreds of successful advertising campaigns and accumulated significant experience. Following this, we are continuing our efforts in search of non-standard solutions and promising advertising platforms to achieve excellent results in a competitive setting.
Fmedia is a fast-growing company. There is a job rotation, plus promotion is a continuing process within our business settings. Working with us, you will have the opportunity for personal fulfillment, career growth, and high wages. For best performers, we offer special individual remunerations.

We are of interest to young professionals, as there is an opportunity for rapid growth within the framework of our projects. The same goes for already established professionals. We can offer challenging tasks that will take you far away from your comfort zone and help you become an even better expert.
We offer health insurance with dentistry, a discount for sports clubs, and plenty of yummy and healthy food in the office!
You'll fall in love with our team. We have welcoming colleagues, a friendly work environment, mutual help, and support. With us, it is always easy, engaging, optimistic, and perspective!

Workmates with whom it is a pleasure not only to work with but also to take a break.

Employee reviews
The definite advantages of the company are an influential team, availability of resources for career self-development, high job diversification, also the presence of ethical infrastructure that helps to avoid the fuss and concentrate on significant tasks in the workplace.
Team Lead Popunder Adsbalance
Victor Shchurik
We have an adequate, modern CEO and a free atmosphere within the company. You can freely speak up without any worries and anxieties. The supervisor will listen to you with respect and give constructive feedback.
Marketing manager Leadrock
Daria Kozlova
Wonderful co-workers, considerate, and objective management, diverse tasks, and these are just a few of the pros in the company. You will not sit idle, as it is a great place to start a career and grow professionally.
Motion designer Adsbalance
Nikita Panov
Fmedia is about the high rate of development, and I am impressed by the opportunities that the company provides. It is a great pleasure to work with CEOs who are open to new ideas, create convenient settings for employees, successfully optimize business processes, and develop a friendly working relationship. Now, we have a community of experts that cares for and supports each other.
CEO Playcore
Boris Gavrilov
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