• We’ve been working productively with Fmedia team for the past 3 years. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a responsible and reliable partner. They generate tons of qualified traffic and they are always happy to test our new offers. What’s more, they are honest and open, what appears to be the exception rather than the rule in Russian CPA market.

    — Maria Lazareva, Business Development Director of M1-Shop —
  • We used to try other companies to do the same thing – increase website traffic. At some point it seemed we were stuck, this was a dead end – we were mostly disappointed with all the work. We thought that we would never get out of it until Fmedia team took control of it. It was so out of the box and we appreciated a personal touch! Thanks guys!

    — Pavel Egorov, General Marketing Manager of a company —
  • We generated web traffic to our online store. Thanks to these folks, our results have skyrocketed! Fmedia team is professional, knowledgeable, cool!

    — Mikhail Stepanov, Online Store Manager —
  • I want to point out that the traffic we got from Fmedia was highly qualified. Every 100 of visitors brought us on average X closed deals. Some of them gave us their contact information. We have increased our customer base by 36%! Thanks! Great job!

    — Varkunov Sergei, Top Manager of a company —
  • We work with different companies that generate traffic. Our expectations were always high. Creative young company Fmedia is the one that helps us to get the strongest ROI.

    — Igor Proskurin, Marketing Executive —
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